Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Amazing Ratu Boko Temple

Now, you can see the amazing Ratu Boko Temple. Standing on the top of the hill and hide of it beauty. From this place, you can feel the peace and also able to see Jogjakarta/Yogyakarta city and Prambanan temple with Merapi Mountain as the background. Ratu Boko Temple has a width of 2.5 lakh square meters and boasts beautiful monasteries, terraces, ponds and temples. 

The impressive entrance gate of the Ratu Boko Temple boasts two separate gateways set at different levels. It is decorated with intricate stone facings. About 50 m from the main gate is a temple of white stone. Just nearby you can see two square terraces used for burning corpses. Within the Ratu Boko Temple, there is a well called Amerta Mantana. The water of this well is considered lucky and used on auspicious days by Indonesia's Hindu people. 

At Ratu Boko Temple you'll also see a series of circular pools carved into the limestone. These were used for royal baths. Two caves formed of sediment stones lie at the eastern end of the palace, The upper cave is called Gua Lanang (Male Cave) and the lower cave Gua Wadon( Female Cave). These Buddhist caves also have Hindu elements of Linga and Yoni, and statue of Ganesha. So, visit the beautiful Ratu Boko Temple, Yogyakarta and get an insight into Indonesia's fascinating heritage.


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