Friday, February 5, 2010

Bakmi Jawa

Noodles are popular among the nations. It's came from the ancestor of China then spread everywhere just like a viruse. In the land of Java, it's called Bakmi Jawa. Bakmi means noodles then Jawa is Java people. It is represent the location of the noodles made of.

In Java, especially Jogjakarta, have plenty of Bakmi Jawa food stalls. It's spreading on many areas as a local tradition cullinary. Usually, the stalls name according to the owner name or where the stall is selling at. For an example, Bakmi Jawa Pak Mul, it's means Mul is the name of the owner or Bakmi Jawa Lor Kretek is noodles stalls where selling at the north of the bridge.  Then many others such as Bakmi Jawa Pak Gino, Bakmi Jawa Pak Suradi, Bakmi Kadin, Bakmi Mbah Mo, etc.

Bakmi Jawa has different taste then another noodles. This kind of noodle made of chicken which not raising on purpose. The chicken usually live on the kampoong or villages. In Javanese, it called as ayam kampung. Javanese believe that kind of chicken made bakmi more delicious.  Normally, bakmi used the yellow noodle mixed with white noodle. Then it's mix together with the chicken and cooked in a clay pot. As the popular Javanese food, Bakmi Jawa is becoming main menu. Sometimes, people eats bakmi and drinks tea with sugar cube.

Bakmi is popular to people who came to Yogyakarta. It wide spread accross age, gender or profession. Even it not expesive, just Rp 7000 to Rp 10.000, bakmi is outstanding meals. It can give you different sensation, like travel imagination from China to Java then else.


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