Friday, February 5, 2010

Blandongan Coffee (Warung Kopi Blandongan)

At the south of Plaza Ambarukmo there is also quite comfortable place to meet, namely Warung Kopi Blandongan. It used to have the slogan of saving the nation from cafein shortage; this coffee warong provides special coffee that is processed by the seller himself.The taste of the coffee proves the truth of the slogan. Blandongan coffee has right thickness and bitterness that is served in the right small cups. The thickness of the coffee can even be seen from the coffee deposit in the cup after you finish it.

The atmosphere of this warong is just suitable for people to gather. Many visitors sit crosslegged. Under yellowish light and bamboo walls seem to bring you to a village atmosphere. When you are hungry, you can try light meals such as fried peanut or other fries.

To the south of Warung Kopi Blandongan there is another coffee warong named Kopi Grek. The warong offers coffee with bigger portion but less thickness. Even though it also serves coffee as the main menu, kedai Kopi Grek has different atmosphere, for example the sitting arrangement in an open space to make it comfortable to enjoy the night air. Kedai Kopi Grek also servers rice as its menu, unlike Blandongan that serves light meals only.

The prices both at Kopi Grek and Kopi Blandongan are similar; they are just cheap! A cup of coffee at Warung Kopi Blandongan sells at IDR 2,000 while at Kopi Grek it costs IDR 2,500. Sometimes, Warung Kopi Blandongan also packs its coffee and sells the coffee powder at IDR 10,000 for 250 grams package.


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