Monday, February 1, 2010

Taman Pintar / Jogja Science Park

Science Park growth of that technology and science, is something that though to thank goodness because promising amenity to make up of civilization of human being. Howeever growth of science also hide challenge in the form of human being attitude to the accelerating growth of it self technology and science.

Program development of Bright Garden in general divided in the plan in general, planning and execution of development and also planning and execution of content items. Planning of content items have instruction to be able to submit technology and science to overall of target group. Approach to submit technology and science through various media with a purpose to improve apresiasi to technology and science.

Marginally items fill Bright Garden divided according to age group divided of age mount pre go to school till garden of elementary school till high school, while according to emphasis of items realized in interaction between visitor with sent items existing bridge.

Bridge as media to submit content items compiled by totally start from bridge as medium of games, introductory bridge, exact elementary items bridge till bridge which is applying of technology and science. Planning of content items bridge compiled with game concept and presentation followed with clarification of sent items.

Items content concept compiled in the form of sub - theme sub at the same time room zonasi to later, then realized in the form of bridge - bridge as media to submit items which consist in.


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