Saturday, January 30, 2010


Yogyakarta saves the diverse cultures, which may still rarely known by the population outside Yogyakarta. Yogyakarta is still a lot of people who lay on cultural diversity that is because some of them are migrants. One of the cultural wealth of its resonance still reverberates less than Grebeg mulud Saparan or ceremony is also known with Kirab Bekakak.

Bekakak carnival held each year in Gamping, Sleman actually this entry in the calendar of tourism government Sleman Yogyakarta province and the government. But somehow because of the location of the implementation of far from the city center, or because of other factors, shows that this is indeed a far to a rousing compared Grebeg mulud or sekatenan. This event is held each Friday, Sunday Sapar to three weeks (weeks in the name of Islam). In fact, this carnival bekakak no less interesting to follow and enjoy.

In each an organized, carnival route begins from Central Village Ambarketawang, running toward Pesanggrahan Ambarketawang, located in the Gamping Mount. In carnival, carnivaled are two pairs of dolls bride, also called bekakak, made from rice flour filled with sticky rice or red sugar water disbursed. In addition carnival bekakak, carnival also followed by a group of brigade soldiers as well as various kinds of traditional art. After reaching in Pesanggarahan, bride or bekakak is cut to exit juruhnya and then distributed to the visitors.

The visitor is always willing to wait while the thrust to get part of bekakak it. They believe, though few, bekakak body made of sticky rice that can bring blessings for the success they have. This tradition is still attached on the part of the Java community in general and Yogyakarta in particular. People call ngalap blessing.

The story behind the organization bekakak this carnival of death was trusted Ki Wirosuto with their families due to failure Gamping Mt. Ki Wirosuto itself is a servant of King Mataram Sultan Hamengkubuwono I. Saparan ceremony is a command from the Sultan to the village headman Gamping to create a celebration with a pair of dolls made of sticky rice flour rice containing a red liquid sugar. Dolls must cuted as simbolisasi of Ki Wirosuto.
There are also another story said that this tradition is also for the safety of local residents who generally work as lime Gamping authorities. It seems that many people first slipped and died while taking Gamping. And the strange are fatal accidents that always happen in Sapar. Therefore, with forged in the tradition Saparan, local people believe that the tradition is able to provide peace and peace for them. With maintain and preserve this tradition, luck and all sorts of dangers can be trusted avoid from the local community


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