Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Waroeng, Steak and Shake

First opened on 4 September 2000, Waroeng Steak & Shake or the more popular with a "WAS" for the first time in Yogyakarta is located at Jl. No Paradise. 30. Just after that, four other Waroeng steak in the open and then follow.

To accommodate the enthusiasm of the people who Yogyakarta welcomes opening of the food with typical yellow color, the owners of these eating places directly respond with the opening of four other branches in different places. With the opening of the branch, the expected needs of the community will be a culinary tour, especially steak can be fulfilled.


WAS made a breakthrough by introducing steak to the people of Yogyakarta in general have not been known to be a popular success. With a relatively affordable price, but maintain the taste that is not typically owned by others is one of the factors that encourage such success. All the good people among children, students, university students and young executives can enjoy a special steak dish typical WAS.

With a capacity of around 80 seats, Radio, which also has opened a branch in Solo, Semarang and Medan this really want to give food to the price of food is relatively cheap and can be enjoyed by all circles. You serve with the motto "Not Steak Ordinary," Waroeng Steak is intended to be a fit for your mad Steak and want to treat your friends.

Opening four more branches in Yogyakarta that you want to make it easier to eat this place based on the location nearest you. Enjoy steak ...


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