Monday, January 25, 2010

Sasmitaloka Museum, The House of General Sudirman

The house located on Jalan Bintaran Wetan No.3 Yogyakarta is the house where General Sudirman used to live and it now becomes Sasmitaloka museum of the Great Commander General Sudirman. Sasmitaloka in Javanese language means the place to remember, to commemorate. This museum is the place to commemorate services and sacrifices of General Sudirman.

This building that was constructed during the Dutch Indian government in 1890 has very long history. At the early time of its foundation, this historical building was meant for a finance officer of Paku Alam VII castle, Mr Winschenk. During Japanese colony this building was vacant and the goods were confiscated. In the independence time of the Republic of Indonesia, this building was used as the camp for Tukul Company of Suharto Battalion. Since 18 December 1945 until 19 December 1948 this became official residence of General Sudirman when he became the Highest Commander of TKR. Then, during the Dutch Aggression II it was used by the Dutch colony as the Camp of IVG T Brigade and after the sovereignty of the Republic of Indonesia on 17 December 1949, was used as the office of Yogyakarta Military Command, then dormitory for XII Infantry Regiment and invalid people respectively. On 17 June 1968 it was used as Infantry Central Museum until it was inaugurated as the Museum of Sasmitaloka General Sudirman on 30 August 1982.


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