Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Ullen Sentalu Museum, An Epic Your Journey...

Ullen Sentalu Museum is one of beautiful place in Yogyakarta. Ullen Sentalu Museum is planned as a museum which present the cultures heritage which is intangible or hidden behind the kraton’s wall because of the prevailing laws. Located on Kaliurang, this place can be reached not more than 30 minutes by car or about 24 kilometers from the city of Yogyakarta. Even some culture heritage has came fade and threatened with extinct. Those are came by the “fine art” works. It means, an arts that realize free and display the culture heritage that is tangible to be communicated. The museum choose fine arts to realize and reconstruct the culture heritage by the reason that this arts can realize the documented works which didn’t be documented yet, except literature, especially in Mataram Islam era.

The excess of fine arts that are began from Renaissance era in Europe is able to present the reality in accordance with the appreciation of arts right now. Thus it’s easy to communicate the subject matter of Museum’s object . By those concept and supported by the elder of culture’s doers, the Museum is more free to realize fine art. These aren’t only represent Javanese culture in Yogyakarta but include the entire of Mataram culture heritage. Though through its Museum’s fine arts has realized culture and history of Mataram from 4 kraton (Kasultanan Ngayogyakarta-Kasunanan Surakarta- Puro Pakualaman-Istana Mangkunegaran), beside that, the museum has “window” concept that express civilization process. By those opuses which are displayed, has opened a space to enter civilization process, than can explore time and space from Mataram Islam era. Even can flashed back through Classic era.

So that the Javanese art and culture of Ullen Sentalu Museum has point of view as the window of art heritage wealth, culture and history from the civilization. It is represented by Mataram dynasty and to legacy the beauty of that culture heritage to the next generation. The mission of its museum is to realize and communicate the art heritage and Javanese culture that threatened extinct thus rise the pride of people about its culture’s identity. Based on the property, Ullen Sentalu Museum is a private museum which the Haryono as the initiator. The museum is under an Ulating Blencong foundation, as the advisors are The King of Kasunanan Surakarta Hadiningrat: I.S.K.S Paku Buwana XII, the king of Pakualaman:KGPAA. Paku Alam VIII, the brother of Sultan HB IX : GPBH Poeger, the daughter of queen Mangkunegara VII: GRAy. Siti Nurul Kmaaril Ngasarati Kusumawardhani, the former President’s wife : Mrs. Hartini Sukarno, and KP. DR. Samuel Wedyadiningrat.


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