Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Colorfull Nglanggeran Mountain


Gunung Kidul??? Until now we just hear only Sundak and Siung the most beautiful place in Gunung Kidul. Now, i will invite you to Nglanggeran Mountain!!!... You know Nglanggeran Mountain??  Nglanggeran is an ancient mountain that has existed about 60 million years ago. It lies about 200-700 meters above the sea level on area Baturagung, the north side of Regency Gunung Kidul. Located on Village Nglanggeran Distric Patuk, this place can be reached not more than 15 minutes by cars or about 22 kilometers from the city of Wonosari. According to certain research, Mount Nglanggeran is believed as the ancient mountain that has existed long time ago, even before Mount Merapi exist.

The name of Nglanggeran comes from bahasa Jawa 'planggaran' that means evil thing must be known. Some also say that the word Nglanggeran comes from 'langgeng' that means a peaceful village. Beside those terms, the mountain that is formed of rocks also known as Gunung Wayang or Puppet Mountain due to its rock that look alike with puppet figure. The local people believe that it is guarded by Kyi Ongko Wijaya and Punakawan in puppet story such as Semar, Gareng, Petruk, and Bagong. Other beliefs state that it is a mountain that is believed as the place to meditate and receive revelation from God. No wonder that some people used to used this place for finding peace and safety, especially in Javanese new year or Jumat Kliwon night. Have you ever been to Yogyakarta? maybe I will visit this destination if I go to Yogya in next vacation. Please come, they all are waiting for you!


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