Sunday, January 17, 2010

Enjoyfull Siung Beach

Hello.... How are you??? The world's most beautiful beaches are waiting for you. The beaches are clean and appealing. About 70 km in southeast side of Yogyakarta, there is a beautiful Siung beach. It is located in Tepus district. If you are after a cheap rock climbing holiday, you must go to this Beach!!!. The uniqueness of Siung Beach lies climbing line. About 250 climbing line have been woke up, start from low level difficulty till high. Siung beach also offers almost limitless potential for developing new routes and whole rock climbing areas. The most famous rock climbing area within Yogyakarta is found at Siung beach. However Siung beach is interesting tourism object to be promoted to all Indonesia area, even to the world. The position of Siung beach in south sea of Java Island can facilitated the visitors to see the beautiful sunset. The other facility around Siung beach is foods and beverage merchants.

The beach is very clean and has clear water with interesting small heap of white sand. To get to the beach, one can simply head to Wonosari. It takes about 2 to 3 hours from the Adisucipto International airport to Siung beach. This is not hard to find thanks to bold road signs. Just be cautious of the precipitous ascent to the temple. You should make sure your vehicle is in good shape.


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