Thursday, January 21, 2010

Lempuyangan is The Older Train Station

Jogja as one of train operational zone (DAOP VI) in java have 3 train station : Tugu, Lempuyangan, Maguwo. Where is the older train station? Tugu? you wrong, because Lempuyangan established before. But because of the position of Tugu Station where is near Malioboro Street which very famous for tourists made lempuyangan not known well. Today Economic Class Train will stop only at lempuyangan, Executive Class and Business Class will stop at Tugu, except Prameks (Business Class) which will stop at 3 train station in jogja.

Economic class as the major passenger in train transportation made management of Lempuyangan station build East Gate and closed West Gate as ticketing area. East Gate is a new gate with new and better design than the West Gate that build long long time ago.

Railway services that utilise this station :

    * Bangunkarta to Pasar Senen and Jombang
    * Bengawan to Tanah Abang and Solo Jebres
    * Fajar Utama Yogya to Pasar Senen
    * Kahuripan to Padalarang and Kediri
    * Logawa to Purwokerto and Jember
    * Matarmaja to Pasar Senen and Malang
    * Pasundan to Bandung Kiaracondong and Surabaya Gubeng
    * Prambanan Ekspress to Kutuarjo and Solo Balapan
    * Progo to Pasar Senen
    * Senja Utama Solo to Pasar Senen and Solo Jebres
    * Senja Utama Yogya to Pasar Senen
    * Sri Tanjung to Banyuwangi

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