Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Great Mosque of Yogyakarta

A mosque known as the Great Mosque of Kauman located on west side of the North Square that represents the transcendence to show the existence of Sultan (the King of Yogyakarta). Sultan, besides as the commander of war or the leader of government (senopati ing ngalaga), also has the position as the representative of God(sayidin panatagama khalifatulah) in this world to lead the religious ritual in kasultanan.

Established in the era of Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono I by an architect named K. Wiryokusumo, this mosque had its first pengulu named Kyai Faqih Ibrahim Diponingrat. As one of other mosques in Java, it building has triple roof with mustoko. Standing on a square are, it has a terrace and pool on the three sides of the mosque. This mosque has something that others do not have; it is an entrance gate and a pair of pagonan building in the front yard for the sekaten gamelan. It was once renovated after a big earth quake that destroyed its building. This mosque was a mosque for the royal to do ritual, religious ceremony, religion extend and a place for religion enforcement.

The whole area of the mosque is surrounded by high wall where in the north side lays Dalem Pengulon, residence and office for pengulu. While in the west side of it, there is a cemetery where Nyai Ahmad Dahlan lays. She was one of the pengulu that led the royal servants in the matter of religious etc like pamethakan, suronoto, and modin. Area around the mosque is a living area for the santri or ulama (Moslem). It is well known as Kauman and Suronatan. Historically, the religious living in this area inspires the growth of Muhammadyah in 1912 M led by K.H.A. Dahlan.

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