Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Soto Pak Slamet, Yummmy...

Cooking is expertise, the Javanese word for a mention talent. That's why many owners like the traditional food stalls, the brand name for its own business. For example, of Sate Mangun Pak, Gudeg Mbok Sadhem, Ayam Goreng Suharti day or so.

Similarly, Slamet choose the name Soto Pak Slamet sotonya to stall. The type of food that he be selling "generic" because soto can be found in almost every road in Yogyakarta. However, soto-owned Pak Slamet different stalls soto other. No need to talk about taste, the evidence stalls Pak Slamet has stood since a quarter century ago.

Starting from a small shop reot the roadside near the railway Patukan Road, south of Hamlet Mejing, Ambarketawang, Dalkeith, Dollar, the original Slamet buyers expect only from workers who each day pass in the lane next kiosk.


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