Friday, February 5, 2010

Sogan Village Resort

Travel anywhere on the island of Java and you will see antiquated and traditional Javanese houses dating from the previous centuries. These places are airy, very large and beautifully constructed. And, you will see a lot that are rundown and dilapidated. It would be great if you could ‘fold up’ all these buildings and carry them to one place and create a grand village. Not such a crazy idea!.

Abandoned traditional Javanese houses dating back to the 19th century have now found a new home at Sogan Village Resort, located some 10 kilometres to the north of Yogyakarta, a unique culinary and cultural recreation destination that offers traditional cuisines and cultural attractions.Built on some 3,000 square meters of land, at Sogan Village visitors can partake of the pleasures and tranquility of village life within an authentic, traditional Javanese atmosphere.


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